when will you learn
written by:  David Black.
backround vocals by: Pat Regan and Amanda Deering.
bass by Pat Regan.
morning glory
when will you learn that the bloodshed is wrong
no matter how you disperse it
when will you practice what youve been preaching all along
when will you admit that your no better than the tuxeedo and
nazi movement thats been right in front of you incognito in a
let he who is without sin shoot the first bomb

its all wrong,  its all wrong, no matter witch way you cut it or
slice it, its wrong to be a afraid of what you dont know
when will you wake up, when will you see me, i guess im not cool like that guy there on T.V.
i've tried all the spots, but they do not fit me, dont categorize because you dont know whats in me
im sick of the fact that i dont know any celebritys, or a record big shot that can give me the big break
that I need
into the big time? not with out a rich banker fat cat connection, theres no particular aim or direction
lets bring the power back to the common person with feelings, not a plastic a#shole fake, but a real
human being
not a britney speers single, or product thats made shipped and boxed
this is something, this is real, this is life, this is art
so join us in the show so we can bring back power to the common man, explore the record store, dont
buy what they tell you, and support your local bands, bands like me.... so gimmie your money

its all wrong, its all wrong... no matter which way you cut it or slice it , its wrong to be afraid of what
you dont know
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