Sunday Again (live)
I hate Sunday!  Sundays the end of the weekend, and the beginning of the week.  I dont wanna know its Sunday again!
I realize that you were born, but have you ever
lived?  How vivid are the colors, the colors in the
Chorus:Out your face when it's in it's place to
underline what seems to be.  The mass of
flesh dawns in it's wretch, I'll never cope, I'll
never count to three but six, a blue new dish
to chase the walking pantomime. It's In it's
place to underline.    
The future is a huge void, you best go run and
hide.  It's that blind spot in your eyes when you
turn your head to the side.  It fills your thoughts
with wonders, hopes, and dreams.  It entices us to
keep pushing forward out of pure curiosity
Repeat Chorus:
God Damn it.  Im Damaged.  Come with
me, die with me.
Outro/2nd Chorus: I been getting mine, so get
yours, I dont want to know it's Sunday again
my friend.
Lyrics written by:  David Black.
Music written by:  
Justin Madden and David Black.
live version recorded summer 2003    
I hate Sundays
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