written by: Amanda Deering, Pat Regan, and David Black.
Recorded live, summer 2003.
douche before fingering
we could surrender ourselves to the grinning tyranny, or we could
spit in thier face with a smirking irony, lay down our lives for those
thankless bastards who cower, in arm chairs, sub-terrainian while the
people above use flags to block the uranium, to these pigs i say...
strip down, do your dance, pull my strings, theres a million of
me, I wont fear you
panic now as you run for brother, and beg him to make things all
right, he will lock you up, and keep you safe, because he knows that
you wont fight it. knowone can be kept caged forever, not even
those who have indentured themselves, I say, there must be a way
thats better, because big brothers much to big to comprehend a
human feeling, big brother, big brothers a pig.
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