ffreestyle by:  M.C. Flow Me-Blow Me
music by:  HBr

are ya blind? ill? faded? hard headed and dumb?
if ya dont know what your talking about than shut the f**k up

tip up your cups, back, middle, and front.  hands up if theres         
some bunk in your trunk

female cats do not spray, they go in heat.
but this is not true for some morons on tha street.
"my daddy told me so, its true, he said it on the news"
now shut the f**k up before he beats me with me shoe.
i said skeet, skeet, skeet, all over your face and walls.
like a lost cause in a meat grinder,
afterwards they have to clean the f**king floors.
locked doors chastity belts and f**king whores.
I never smacked the mop out of your hand ya f**king jerk
so dont bother me at work.
in the back room I jack off and squirt, shake my hand wont ya
please, and ya gets a disease
while im smoking f**king trees  ??????? ?????? ??? ?????
dont know what the f**ck I said, but im better off dead.
wont ya please give me head, inside your bed, I act better when im
fed.  But no meats or cheeses please.
a lactose mad cow disease.

the thumb is the digit that seperates mans from animal,
what, diddnt you know that?  diddnt you F**king play scrabble?
its nice to know me, nice to know me flow me blow me.
wont you take this mayonaise and take a big bite of my bologna
wheat bread, what ya said?  im f**cking dead
but your better off giving me head, your fucking dead.
wont you big bad winners and loosers and f**king cruizers
batter me off, than place the f**king moochers.
and I just cant see myself going out like that
wont be no stress to make excess.  can you give it up?
I am giving my best.  wont ya know stress makes stress excess.  
fu**king kill me   wontcha kill me, wontcha kill me               now?  
im goin outta skull,  goin outta skull, goin outta my shull now.  im
goin outta skull, f**k the pole.  I wont be the Poe,       or the Pope,
or antichrist.   wouldnt it be nice to be nice?
to be nice, you wouldnt like that.  To be nice, than be nice, than        
we smoke crack.  smokin crack, and meth, and weed,
wouldnt it be nice to be high up in mother f**king trees, but...
I will not be the one to shun.  the one that shuns is the one that
takes it in tha bum (ouch)
if you high than you know that better life is comming to thee, so
wont ya rap with me
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