your dosage cup over flows.
H           HBr
16 instrumentals
1.  the spiral pentacle 07:00mg
2.  you don't know what you like until you know what's "in"

3.  Kenshin 00:51mg
4.  Bjork 04:09mg

5.  saddam and gamerica 03:00mg

6.  zombies in love 02:37mg
7.  dance house ballet 03:06mg

8.  desert tear 00:59mg
9.  the mushroom is mightier than the pen 02:05mg
10. dance concerto 03:59mg
11. a zombie picnic 00:48mg

12. carnival of incest 03:05mg

13. the exausted do nothing 00:56mg
14. misery makes me want to kill myself 02:31mg

15. thirteen steps to nowhere 02:16mg
16. me 05:13mg